Monday, 23 March 2015

Proxy Software.

1) Hot Spot Shield

  • Free DownloadSafe download
  • Recent changes

    • New, intuitive and simple user interface
    • Automatic network detection
    • Can be installed on corporate/enterprise networks
    • Admin privileges not required in order to install and use software
    • Connection status icon
    • Various bug fixes


    Most recently, the developers have added malware protection meaning that while using Hotspot Shield, you shouldn't get infected by anything that may damage your system.
    Review last updated: 06/03/13



    FreeProxy is professional Freeware which channels requests for internet pages via a single computerand enables many computers to share an internet connection. If you have dial-up internet access, you can use the Demand Dial or Auto-Dial feature to dial up the internet either when it detects you want to access the internet (demand) or maintain a strict schedule of connection times (auto). It also works with Cable/Broadband.
    If you would like to prevent access to certain internet sites, FreeProxy enables you to block access based on a filter. Comprehensive \'Resource Security\' enables you to filter URLs, IP addresses, ports, hosts accessed. In addition you can secure access using userid and password. FreeProxy utilises the web standards of Basic and Digest authentication but also allows you to authenticate users to a Windows Domain. Access can be limited to certain times using a calendar.

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